Ability to Fetch Tags in Gainsight from Zendesk

  • 29 May 2023
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Hi Team, 


I just migrated to the Zendesk connector 2.0 however I don’t seem to find the field tag in the Zendesk tickets object to fetch it to Gainsight. I want to track Support Ticket Escalation as a Risk Status in Healthscore. To do so, I will need to get the tag field to Gainsight. Is this possible?

1 reply

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Hi @vartan.kourshounian I don’t use Zendesk but Freshdesk and we have the same issue because the tag field is a data type (array) that is not supported. It’s possibly the same for Zendesk. 

Here’s a related post you could upvote in the Community to get this enabled: 

Need inputs -- Supporting multi-valued attributes in Connectors | Gainsight Community

Hope this helps.