Who has the BEST Success Plan for Tracking Customer Goals?

  • 17 April 2020
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Hi GS Fam!


I’m hoping to draw some inspiration from y’all around tracking customer goals via a Success Plan.  I would LOVE to see if y’all can share your best practices around the process and documentation.  A simple screenshot of your plan info section would suffice too!


We are in the middle of really REVAMPING how we track, document and manage these bad boys via Success Plans, would love some inspiration and best practices!


What we are looking for:

  • We want to record Customer Goals (easy)
  • Document current KPI measures
  • Document target KPI measures
  • Document customer outcomes 


I know it’s easy to just create a text field and document these, but looking to see if anyone has more innovative ways, even if it means changing the overall process.





Best answer by taylor_arrington 30 April 2020, 21:31

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3 replies

Connected with Andor here and he’s all set.  

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@andorfuhrer Thanks for solving it!

@andorfuhrer - Hope you are doing well and far along in your SP journey at this point!

I came here with the same questions as you had and curious if you would be interested in sharing what has worked and how you solved for some of these items. Thanks!