What's the best practice on NPS detractor scores?

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Generally NPS are sent out to execs. But NPS (or product NPS) are delivered to the end user. I am going to assume that you are talking about NPS from a stakeholder or an exec and give recommendation.

  • As soon as you receive a detractor NPS, someone should reach out. I say someone because it can be automated and look like coming from an inbox or it can be actual person responsible for the customer (CSM, AM etc).
  • Gainsight recommends that the outreach comes from the Manager in fact and not the specific CSM. This is done so that if there is a concern around the CSM experience, the customer is able to have a frank conversation. For a high touch, mid-market segment, it is the manager who reaches out with a prepopulated automated email template apologizing for the experience and asking if the exec can throw light on the issue or be able to meet them.
  • ​​​​​​​From what you gather from the conversation from exec, you would need to course correct the customer by opening a risk CTA (in case of Gainsight) and then working with the Customer team in your organization to drive that risk to closure. If it is a larger issue that needs more cross-functional attention, that risk should be escalated and appropriate steps are taken.
  • If it is a product-related NPS, absolutely bring the product manager and product leadership in to get to speak with the customer. Best practices says that one of the customer facing metrics that Product Managers should be measured on is the Product NPS.

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Great best practices @meenal_shukla 


I’m interested to learn how one differentiates Product NPS from other types of NPS questions. Perhaps the question appears in a different place or delivered via the Product, making it Product NPS? Or Perhaps the question itself is different from other NPS questions?


Better put, what best practices are available in the types of NPS available, and how those NPS types might be differently deployed or used along a customer journey.

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Very good question. I will try to answer in brief specifically on Product NPS.

  • Best practices suggest: Product NPS should be served in app even though the question remain the same.
  • If you are sending the NPS via email or other mechanisms, you can ask a follow up question on the reasoning for the score above. So the first question is : “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or colleague; The second question can be a list of options that you can choose from: What is the main driver of your score: Product, Services, Cost to Maintain, CSM experience, Support, Pricing etc.
  • For organizations that serve multiple customer segments and/or have multiple user personas, it’s important to analyze and understand how each of those groups respond. So your have your product NPS broken down into say admin NPS, end user NPS etc. This blogs go into some detail here:
  • https://www.gainsight.com/blog/when-why-and-how-often-to-use-nps/
  • In general, the product organizations should be held accountable for Product NPS.
  • There is another survey called the CES score which is customer effort score. This is shown at a specific part of the product while the user is interacting with your system. You would have seen yourself while using Gainsight. A Customer Effort Score (CES) is a customer survey used to measure the amount of effort that a customer felt they expended in order to use your platform or a specific feature or module. The individual product managers are responsible for the CES score of their module to determine UI issues and level of effort.
  • How often should one measure NPS: Twice a year is the recommended best practice.