Voice of the Customer operations content(blog, webinar, etc)

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I am expanding our VoC program and attended a couple of great sessions at Pulse which provided good ideas.  I would love to get more information on Gainsight's VoC operations......what that looks like, who participates, what tools are used, best practices. 

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Hi Nicole,

I'm glad to hear you got some great content from Pulse and are looking to continue the conversation! Have you watched this webinar?

Let me know if this is helpful.

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Thanks Elena!  I have seen this webinar.  I am more focused on additional Voice of the Customer feedback streams (on-site visits, feedback while on the phone with a CSM, etc).  We currently use the tool for NPS surveying and analyzing.  At Pulse presenters had very robust programs but were not using Gainsight for the overall management of the program.  I was posing the question hoping Gainsight had another resource (webinar, blog) to explain how this use case could be operationalized. 
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Nicole, I coordinated with Marie Wilkerson, then reached out to Michelle from Monetate, one of my VoC panelists at Pulse. She replied that she's happy to have you speak with her CX Director, Katie, so Marie will be making an introduction for you. 

Although I am not currently involved in the customer feedback and surveying process here at Gainsight, I am a Certified NPS Associate and previously managed a Customer Experience Program at LexisNexis. I'm happy to chat with you about my experience with Voice of the Customer programs, too, if you like. Feel free to reach out to me directly.