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  • 17 January 2023
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We are staring to implement the use of Success Plans in Gainsight and I was hoping to find out how others have been using them.  What types of things are you creating them for?   Are you keeping them simple and clear?   Just looking for some guidance and tips on what others have learned and how you have implemented them.   Thank you in advance! 

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@kristin.campbell - I would recommend finding one strong use case for the first Success Plan and try to keep to just a single Template. There is a tendency to try to build for every scenario all at once which will make it hard to adopt and often is more than what is really needed. If you have a good Proof-of-Concept it is much easier to scale from there. Consider it to be an iterative development process where your assumptions get tested in the real-world and then you revise your plans based off those experiences.

I’ve seen Success Plans used for a couple of use cases typically depending on the organization. They are used for tracking customer lifecycle stages -- such as Onboarding -- or project-like activities (e.g. new deployment, migration service, end-user enablement, etc.). Another use case is to use Success Plan to keep track of customer goals/outcomes (i.e. the reason the customer bought your product/service and what they want get out of it); sometimes this is used to track ROI and feed into overall health metrics. A third use case I’ve typically seen is like a recovery plan for when customer health dips and how to bring them back to a healthy state. 

Success Plans work best when they are actively monitored and updated so they fit well with high-touch CS models