Social Media Advocacy Data in Gainsight

  • 29 April 2016
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We are trying to determine how to best connect social media advocates to the customer accounts in Gainsight. We have a few social tools right now, but they are not integrated into Gainsight. We'd prefer to have this closer to real time which would mean we most likely wouldn't be able to do uploads to MDA via the API. 

Has anyone leveraged Hootsuite or Spredfast or another social tool to integrate it into Gainsight?

Or has suggestions on the best way to do this?

3 replies

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With full disclosure that I'm the Gainsight administrator at Spredfast, I'm certain you could make this happen.

What we've done here, and what I think most customers do, is make Salesforce to be their system of record and "Source of Truth."  If you're doing that, you can use Gainsight to query most any object and any field from the Gainsight Rules engine and reporting.

The good news is that Spredfast's platform is open and does integrate with Salesforce, and we do routinely link social information to specific Contacts (and thus by extension, specific Accounts and Customers). With those links in place, you could (1) write Gainsight logic and (2) see the Salesforce Contact information inside Spredfast.

Feel free to ping me and we can put more pencil to paper on exactly how we do this.
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Hey Matt, What's your email? I think we might be doing something with Spredfast over the next couple weeks, and it would be great to have something in place before then.
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Ack....somehow I thought we could send messages to each other inside the Community. Find me at (or at Austin Java at City Hall!)