SFDC Release of Multi Org Contacts.

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I got this question from a customer today. Can someone explain how this is going to affect GS (especially around things like copilot and surveys)?

With the launch of SFDC's Contacts: Associate a Contact with Multiple Accounts (Generally Available) ( how does Gainsight use this new feature/functionality? 

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I'd also like to add sponsor tracking as a Gainsight feature that might have an expanded use with this change.
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Here are the details on this new functionality:

Salesforce has added a new object called Account Contact Relationship, which has look-ups to both Accounts and Contacts. This is done so that one Contact record can technically be associated with multiple Account records. Only one Account is marked primary though, rest are secondary.

Once the feature is turned on, all existing Contacts are copied over to this new object and linked to the corresponding Contacts and Accounts.

To add/edit these Relationships, new related lists have to be added to Contact and Account page layouts in Salesforce. And new sections and reports have to be added to our Customer 360. 

It's just another Salesforce object, so should work OOTB with Reports, Rules, CoPilot, etc., like so: