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  • 29 August 2019
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Is anyone using Einstein currently that could comment on functionality versus GS? I'm obviously going to do some research and have reached out to our GS CSM, but thought I'd try here too.

7 replies

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You might get more feedback by asking the question on the LinkedIn group called The Customer Success forum.

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Thanks @diane_morneau! I'll try that! I appreciate it!

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@heather_hansen even I am not sure about this, appreciate it if you can share the answer once you get it from LinkedIn.

Thanks for posting!

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@heather_hansen - Curious what you found about using Gainsight and Einstein together.

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Just to update this:  I never got anything from LinkedIn, and we decided to hold off on adding Einstein for the time being.  



our product usage data gets collected in various datasets in Einstein Analytics. And the BI team makes in Einstein all the dashboards for various teams in the company. 

The BI team made a daily csv file to push to Gainsight via the S3 connector so we can start using some data for triggering action in Gainsight.

Although, this is a lot of extra and redundant work to maintain on the BI team and CS team to keep this accurate and consistent (in case the source has new fields, etc… or just to create the same reporting in GS as it’s all already build in Einstein Analytics)

@ GainSight: A straightforward integration would be a huge advantage as it’s our goal to minimize the amount of platform a CSM needs to use to work efficiently. Also, automated outreach could be so much better if we could use the dashboard straight from Einstein, instead of making all dashboards over again in Gainsight, with a fraction of the data.

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I agree with this! We also have Einstein and it would be great if we could integrate the two systems together. It would be ideal if we could pass data/visuals in both directions (i.e. both to and from Einstein).