Sending and tracking multiple surveys per participant

  • 2 August 2018
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I want to send a survey to hiring managers based on people they've hired recently (we're an applicant tracking system). In many cases, that's a 1:1 situation. However, I have some participants who have made many hires, and I want their feedback on each individual hire.

I am running into issues thinking through what would be the best user experience for someone who has hired 10+ people. I'm using a CSV taken directly from our product, and I've set it up so that 1 person can receive the email multiple times by creating a unique identifier that does not tie back to their SFDC contact record.

In my ideal situation, I could send one email to a participant with multiple links in it to complete the surveys based on each hire. Is there a way to do that without making the response totally anonymous?

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Hi Jackie,

Sorry we weren't able to share some input sooner! Are you still working on this? It seems like it might be best to trigger the survey after every new hire is closed, rather than trying to send multiple surveys at once to an individual.