Scorecard Report for Customers When They Cancel

  • 25 January 2017
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I'm trying to set up a report to get a snapshot of a Customer's Scorecard when they decide to cancel (we store this date of cancellation at the Customer level). Is there a way to set up a report to track these over time? Does anyone have a good example of what they use for this?


4 replies

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Hi Phil:

We can definitely accomplish this.  A question for you though.  How do you want to visualize the data?  Is it by customer pivoted by week/month?  Or is it an aggregate of the scores across all customers who canceled in a month?  Would you only want to see the scores of canceled customers in this report or also have this mixed in with active customers?

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Great followup questions:
1. The main objective would be to capture the scores aggregated for customers who cancelled in a given week (or potentially month). The reason I'd like to try to capture the score at or before the time they submit their cancellation is that their health score can sometimes go up through the cancellation reach out process.

2. If I also captured the scores of the active customers during these time frames, that'd be gravy, but not quite as necessary for this particular objective.

3. Was thinking of visualizing the data by stacked bar graph by red/yellow/green health scores, but not married to this concept.
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Awesome.  I'll mock up some rules about how we could accomplish this.  Do you currently use MDA in your org?  If so, we will need to create a new object as well, but it's a quick process.  I'll followup shortly.
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Yes - we currently use the MDA.

Thanks so much!