Release 5.5 At-a-Glance: Feature Change Summaries

  • 17 March 2017
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Our February 5.5 release was a big one, so we understand if you're feeling uncertain about how or where to get started. We're exploring ways to present our release notes and new feature info in a more concise and digestable format, but in the meantime we put together a quick summary of the February release changes.

This spreadsheet contains three lists to help you understand what's new or different in 5.5 at a glance:
  • Automatic updates: changes to existing features that you can immediately take advantage of and don't require any Admin setup
  • Incremental improvements: changes to existing features that require minimal Admin configuration to utilize
  • New Features: these are wholly new features that require Admin configuration, and perhaps thinking about a business process in a new way
These are brief lists, and as always you can find more detail about these changes in the 5.5 release notes

We welcome your feedback about whether this is a helpful way to think about and see the enhancements summarized!

2 replies

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Thanks for helping us better absorb all that was in the last release. Watching Gainsight innovate at this pace is great, though as you observe, it creates a lot of knowledge for Gainsight admins to handle.

Brainstorming here in the Community for a moment, I wonder if the breadth of Gainsight's releases would be more consumable if Gainsight guided customers (and their admins) toward functionality in terms of use case.

For example, Gainsight might state, "If your processes heavily employ automated email communications, check these specific enhancements involving CoPilot." Or, "If you are thinking about revising your customer health model, review the Scorecard v2.0 items." This theme is already in the linked Google Doc, but instead of naming Gainsight modules, you spin the orientation to naming common Customer Success areas.

At a recent PulseLocal, we discussed how very few of our customers have a goal to use "insert SaaS or product name here" more. I rarely wake up thinking, "My goal today is to log more Pageviews in Gainsight." Instead, they have goals to increase Sales, decrease inefficiency, enhance understanding of the customer base. I have goals to get more insight from my configuration of Gainsight. By orienting new release functionality to common business goals, Gainsight could help admins and our business leaders know which items might be most applicable--and thus most valuable (and VALUE is a common and important word we use and understand)--to our business goals.
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Thanks for the feedback, Matt!