Relationship Scorecards- Setting the Relationship group scorecard by CTA Rule

  • 23 September 2016
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Does anybody know how to set-up a rule in the rules engine that does the following:

Run a rule nightly that searches for any open CTA's with a "type" of relationship scorecard and if one exists the scorecard will be updated to a certain score.

We have a relationship group scorecard called "Content". We want the rule to search for any open CTA's for this scorecard nightly and update the score accordingly.

If you look at the attached rule action,I want to copy step 2 & 3 for a relationship scorecard but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this...

Any help would be greatly appreciated

1 reply

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Hi Niall,

When you define a rule , you have the option to choose whether it is for account or for a relationship.

Once you choose the relationship type , in the setup rule step you will be able to choose the CTAs associated with the relationship type.

Then , in the next step  you can set score to the measures associated with the relationship scorecard based on the criteria you have mentioned above.

Hope this helps.

Abhishek S