'Opt Out' Customers: Do we still send them communications?

  • 28 April 2016
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I wanted to see what thoughts people had on sending 1:Many outreaches out to customers that have chosen to 'opt out' of e-mail communications? I ask because these communications are going to provide valuable content around training and best practices, thus providing information that will not only benefit the customers' overall product experience but also their overall product/industry knowledge.

Curious on what thoughts others had on this topic!


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3 replies

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At Gainsight, we generally do not send emails to the Opt-out contacts from Copilot.

Sometimes, people do not realize they've been opted-out and will reach out to us asking why they aren't getting certain types of emails. If they request it, we'll then start sending them email again.
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Hi Melissa,

We send emails to clients who have opted out of other email services (ie marketo).  Often times, they don't realize what they had unsubscribed from in the past so I haven't seen any negative repercussions.

Side thought:  You could create a rule to change health/create a cta for people who have unsubscribed from GS emails.  Maybe your CSM could reach out and clarify why they unsubscribed? You would use the Matrix Data object "Email Logs".
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It would be great if customers opt out from emails that it would only apply to those "type" of emails.

Here's a recent example: Generally our company doesn't see much opting out, yet when we sent a Fourth of July message we saw a handful of unsubscribe requests. Those customers likely didn't know they were unintentionally unsubscribing from important messages about their accounts by doing that. However, if I could have flagged the Fourth of July message as a "holiday memo" or some other generic category, then we would avoid emailing the opt out customers on those types of messages while still being confident that they are getting important information.

Just a thought.