Most valuable aspects of Gainsight used by a high-touch CSM (i.e supporting less than 10 customers)

  • 17 October 2016
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A customer I'm working with asked about the most valuable aspects of Gainsight for use by a high-touch CSM (for this example let's say less than 10 customers).  Do you agree with the list below?  Anything you'd add that your higher touch CSMs use in Gainsight to drive the best customer experience?
  1. Creating joint customer account plans in Success Plans to document goals & progress towards achieving them throughout the year 
  2. Using Success Snapshots to export plans to your corporate branded PowerPoint templates to save time prepping slides, share with customer, or in some cases to use the Success Plan screen live in regular meetings with customers for updating progress
  3. Capturing internal Success Plans for goals that aren't shared with customers but rather internal targets for the year and building reports on achieving MBOs/KPIs which streamline goal conversations
  4. Updating a manualsubjective scorecard measure to capture your personal health assessment of customer for visibility to the org and to see trends over time (hopefully that means less emails asking for this info) 
  5. Automated scores for visibility at a glance to key data points that you may not have time to review on a regular basis (i.e. community engagement, support volume, billing data, etc...   Also, if a customer has a red support score every other month then easy access to that historical data for internal root cause analysis is helpful... You may also potentially share in an QBR/EBR to get ahead of poor perception)
  6. Customer360 for call prep - because even though you know your customers very well this can provide quick access to key insights in one screen, account hierarchy details,  billing data, entitlements, usage data, etc... You may also have a few manual sections in C360 specifically for the higher touch teams like "Features" to keep track of contractual commits manually if you have no automated mechanism to do so. 
  7. Manual CTAs for logging key milestones with customer s- these CTAs and/or milestones can help compile the facts fast when it's time to prepare for QBR/EBR meetings (Combined with our new Note taking targeted for later this year I think we'll have an even more powerful story here!)
  8. Some automated CTAs to catch outlier risks & opportunities AND/OR to drive the best client experience - again identifying the best fit is critical since you're engaging with these customers every day but a follow-up conversation is worthwhile
  9. Dashboards for periodic 1:1 reviews with your manager on portfolio health and when focused on MBOs/KPIs this can be a very meaningful discussion
  10. **New option called "Email Assist" (aka semi-automated emails) that some high touch CSMs have been excited about because it lets you aggregate your best practice email templates for common situations into a Playbook and then send right from Cockpit instead of creating the emails from scratch every time or grabbing templates from your own stash. 
  11. Potentially emailing reports directly to customers from CoPilot -- although most of the high touch CSMs I've spoken to wouldn't dream of having anything automated going to these customers without their eyes on it first 🙂
  12. Potentially using Gainsight "tags" to create unique cohorts of customers completely within your control (again because it's lower volume of accounts it's a more practical feature for high touch CSMs)

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