Managing Training Sessions/Webinair Attendance

  • 14 March 2022
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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how we can manage this scenario a bit better.

We provide our customers with a software and we have a training team that delivers training sessions and webinars.

At the moment users book via a zoom registration form, when this has been submitted our training team open a training success plan and link a pre-configured playbook.

In that playbook there is a CTA called “Introduction Training” as an example, and if booked the training team will update the CTA to “Introduction Training - Booked”.

Then after the training has been delivered the training team will export the attendee list from Zoom, add in the relevant GSID’s and upload the CSV to a program which sends users a follow up email with a link to their recording of the training and a feedback survey.

When the follow up email is sent a CTA is created that is named “Introduction Training - Attended” that automatically closes 24 hours later.

This means we can then pull a report on CTA’s that include booked or attended in the name to monitor training engagement.

As you may have guessed, this requires a lot of Admin work and we are rapidly increasing our customer numbers at the moment, so this isn’t scalable.

Can anyone think of how we can use Gainsight to effectively manage the booking and following up process, along with the attendance monitoring? Or if we cannot use Gainsight, is there any other external systems that link with Gainsight that would be beneficial to us?

Thanks in advance,


2 replies

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Thanks @Nalin, @chelseahopkins for the conversation here. @PavanCh, @manu_mittal for additional tips?  

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Hi Chelsea

  1. You can try sending the info via Gainsight survey instead of Zoom registration forms to get the customer information and load it directly into Gainsight table (Low object Table). 
  2. This table then can be referred into a report while on the training , the contacts can be marked as “Yes” if attended.
  3. If too many contacts to be marked while on the Training session then probably a CSV upload of email ids from Zoom will still be needed but then you can set-up background rules to mark attendance based on email IDs since the users will already be in Gainsight as part of Step 1. 
  4. Once you have the attendees same data can be used to trigger next set of emails via JO Program for the attendees and details can then be directly fetched from “Journey Analytics” 

Hope this helps !!