Managing Customers Key Contacts

  • 4 June 2020
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Hi Friends!


I know Gainsight utilizes the concept of associating their customers key contacts / roles with a persona.  Does anyone else utilize that methodology?  If so, I’d love to hear more!


Also curious if anyone has any best practices with:

  • Collecting key customer roles
  • Scaleability, if a CSM has about 200 accounts to manage, how do you collect all of these and make sure they are up to date every year 
  • Hygiene to ensure we always have the most current contacts


Many Thanks!


2 replies

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@andorfuhrer we’re just starting to formalize our process for Stakeholder Management.  We are starting by identifying 3-5 roles within each account and standardizing definitions. 

  1. Decision Maker/Economic Buyer/Exec Sponsor
  2. Primary Contact/Program Manager
  3. Product/Module Point of Contact (Power User) 

Which stakeholder roles does your team leverage? 


We’re attempting to source the Product/Module POCs based on usage data from the platform and have rolled out processes across the org for departments from sales to onboarding to CSM to validate the Decision Maker and Primary Client at each stage in the journey

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I think @zdsiegert has a great approach to this. We just spoke about the personas and will be implementing something similar. A few key points on what we are trying to do include:

  1. Starting simple then expanding after measuring success
  2. Obtaining leadership buy-in before implementing to ensure consistency
  3. Using this to better track ESP engagements 
  4. Once we have a successful roll-out, activating a metric based on this to drive a scorecard measure