Making CSMs more efficient using digital resources

  • 21 March 2023
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CSMs often have to have the same conversation multiple times. What are some resources we can automate digitally that can answer customers’ questions so our CSMs don’t have to? 

I’d like to think you’re already doing this for some subset of customers in the form of newsletters or welcome emails but what’s preventing you from rolling this out across the whole customer base? What roadblocks are you facing when it comes to implementing automations to push out resources to your customers digitally? 

I’m facilitating a virtual meetup tomorrow (March 22) at 8am PT where you’ll get the chance to break out into small groups to talk through your ideas and also hear what your peers are doing as it relates to digital customer success. We’ll then reconvene and hear takeaways from a few groups. Please join us! 


👉🏽Register and learn more here



3 replies

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Is there a way to stay informed of these events? Would have loved to attend but just saw your post!

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Hello @Aynot2000 , thank you for asking that! 🙌🏼

You can register for the event of your choice from our event updates on the event page (reflects on our home page as well as below).


We also generally have a pre-event discussion opportunity on this same CS Inspiration channel.

In case you haven’t done this already, ‘Subscribing’ to this space will help you stay updated on any new topics shared here (webinar related & more).


Hope this helps! 

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here’s the recording for this meet-up -