Looking for Communication Plan for new Gainsight Implementation

  • 1 March 2017
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Does anyone have a communication plan format they like?  We're implementing Gainsight for the first time and I want to ensure we have the highest adoption possible and that the project has visibility across the company.  For example, audience, purpose, frequency, method, description - include project updates in the monthly internal company newsletter, provide project updates and demos in CS team meetings and other communications at least 1x/month to make sure the rest of the CS team and other users are onboard and feel like they have a say.  Thank you!

2 replies

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Hi Erika - While it doesn't have everything that you ask for, I think you might find this deck useful, in regards to some high-level Change Mgmt best practices to ensure maximal adoption:

Let me know if you have any issues accessing the content, or if you'd like to further discuss!
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Hi @dillon_chambers,  is it possible for me to have access to this presentation via ppt or pdf? The firewall at my org blocks google documents.


Thank you in advance,