Launch/Implementation Scorecard Best Practices

  • 20 July 2018
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Hi there,

We're currently exploring the idea of creating a Scorecard 2.0 to measure and track client health during the implementation stage of our customer lifecycle. Once a client has been fully implemented, we would then move them over to our standard client scorecard. 

Does anyone have any suggestions or best practices for the types of metrics we should consider using? Here are a couple metrics that come to mind:
  • CSM/IM Sentiment (manually set)
  • Overdue? (determined by implementation playbook)
  • Number of overdue tasks (determined by implementation playbook)
  • Delivery Issues (timeline activities)
Curious to hear about what other people have done in this area. Thanks! 

9 replies

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I'm right there too!  I'm at the beginning of this phase.  Initially I thought about going very general/easy to start, and building out as we go.  Our implementation team is starting to use Success Plans, and the data we collect there should be a great start.  However, should an NPS survey go out during the process?  After?  Will be interesting to see what people reply with!
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Currently, we send our standard NPS survey out on month 3 and month 9 and then every 6 months afterwards. If a client hasn't completed implementation by month 3, we hold off on sending them first NPS.

We also have an Advanced Outreach that sends an implementation survey once the Implementation Manager has sent the project close-out email from GS. 
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Gainsight uses this scorecard for implementation projects.  In fact, we actually set up a Relationship per project so the customer can simultaneously have a services scorecard and an overall scorecard.  We also integrate and base some of the scores on data from our PSA - FinancialForce.

We had a detailed presentation on this at Pulse which you can find here:
 Search for:  The Services & Support Experience Elements: Delivering Excellence
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@cmultanen it’s been awhile since this post, but curious to hear if you moved forward with an Onboarding/Implementation scorecard, then transitioned to a regular scorecard post-implementation? If so what criteria did you use to change the scorecard? (ie Stage field?)


We’re considering a similar approach here, but I’m concerned on whether the Onboarding/Implementation scorecard data would still be available to view after the account changes scorecards.

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Want to chime in as well :)

When starting out, keep it super simple - only a few Measures/Groups.  Try and stay with as much automation as you can, just help curb the possible inflated manual measures.

At a former company, for the Sentiment - we created a Timeline Type, with a custom layout.  And the CSMs would write in their notes regarding the customer and had a few items they could select to help us identify the sentiment.  We used that Type to help run our Sentiment rule - but did give the CSMs the ability to override it.

Using %’s has also greatly helped when assigning Scores to Measures.  We recently moved from flat numbers to %’s for one of our measures and it’s been a huge improvement, and better indications.

Below were some of our base metrics when we re-launched our Healthscore [Moved from Company Only, to Company/Relationship Healthscore]:

  • Contact Managment: Are the apporate Contacts on the Company?
  • CSM Communication: Are the CSMs communicating with the Customer X Times within X Period?
  • Customer Support: How often is the Customer reaching out to Support? [(# of Cases / 30 Days) * 100 = %]

Then depending on your grading scale - you set the ranges for the measures.  The contact managment only utlized 3 of the grading scales though.


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@sarahmiracle If you use Stage to track the lifecycle of the Customer, than that’s a good flag to use for them to automatically switch to the new Healthscore.  Just be sure to set Stage in the Implimentation Scorecard, so it stops updating once the transition happens.

If I’m not mistaken, you could create a rule that rights the final overal score of the implimentation to the new Scorecard without a weight associated to it as well.

I can’t remever there is a drop down though on the C360 that allows you to swap views though :/ If not, you could add the previous scorecard information to a Gainsight Home layout.

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@sarahmiracle we did implement stage-based scorecards: one for implementation and one for post-implementation. We use lifecycle stage as the criteria for flipping the scorecards and write the final implementation score to the post-implementation scorecard along. We also created a section for “implementation essentials”, ~10 product signals we expect all customers to complete before implementation and include those  as unweighted metrics in the post-imp scorecard for visibility. 

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@dstokowski I would love to see this if you have a chance. As a FinancialForce employee, we want to implement something similar while also taking into account Customer pulse check kinds of surveys and somehow taking the score from that, the project status, # of pushes, and things like that, and assigning a score based on that. Then assigning a playbook. 

Would love to see what others have done too! 

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@bmayden I notified your CSM on this ask as she would be able to coordinate you to take a look at our approach.