Is there anyway to see what type of Gainsight licences my organization has?

  • 20 July 2016
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I would like to know how many full access and limited access Gainsight licenses I have in my organization. Is that information visible anywhere?

3 replies

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Hi Cristina,

We track this internally at Gainsight, but how many full vs limited licenses you have is not surfaced within your own instance. I recommend reaching out to your Customer Success resource at Gainsight, and they'll be able to give you the exact figures.

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You can look at how many licenses you have, and how many are being used, via the Gainsight app installation (Salesforce Settings -> Installed Packages -> JBara CSM). But this is not broken out into full vs. limited. The closest you can probably get is by looking at the Permission Set assignments. For example, you can look at who all have been assigned the 'limited' view by going to Salesforce Settings -> Permission Sets -> Gainsight Limited -> Manage Assignments.

Hope this helps.

Does anyone know if JBara CSM was replaced by Gainsight CSM recently?  When I look at installed packages I see Gainsight CSM instead of JBara CSM.  Product Documentation here refers to JBara CSM.  Might be outdated?