If you have a pooled/shared CS team, how do you introduce them to the customer after implementation?

  • 9 November 2021
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We have a pooled CSM model in our SMB segment.  Our touchpoints are generally quarterly and as needed.  If you also have a shared model at your organization, how do you (or do you at all) introduce this service model to the client during/after implementation? 


-Does the Implementation person own the introduction, or does CS own that after go live? 

-Do you keep it pretty vague “after implementation, our CS team will be checking in on you from time to time to make sure things are going well and you’re maximizing value/achieving your goals….” or do you make it super clear what their touchpoint schedule is...”we will be reaching out to you once per quarter, and also when we notice an opportunity to provide some extra guidance to help you achieve your goals”….


If you have any advice on making a smooth introduction and transition during this point of the customer journey, let me know.  Thanks!


3 replies

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Interesting topic here… let me try to get some eyeballs here… @bradleymcg, @seth  

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We don’t currently do this, but in general I would advocate for transparency on the expected minimum cadence they’ll receive for comms. Ideally, they would even know that before becoming a customer.

Transparency is key, and calling it “The CS Team” can help aswell as having reps introduce themselves with something like “Hi, I am part of The CS Team” rather than “Hi, I am your CSM”