If you have a pooled CS team / 1:many team - what is their job title and the manager or the team's job title?

  • 23 February 2022
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We have a team of “pooled CSMs” that operate in a 1:many model.  If you also have this model at your organization, what do you call this role, and what do you call the manager of this team?


Do you simply call them “CSMs” and “Manager of Client Success”, or something else?  Thanks for contributing!

7 replies

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@Dylan.Shields we have a group we call Project CSMs that tag in and out of accounts as needed.  We also have a group tied to our 1:Many programs that we call Program CSMs.  The leader is a Success Programs Manager.


@heather_hansen - thanks, that’s helpful.  Just sent you a private message with some follow-up questions.  

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We’re careful about how we refer this account management methodology and prefer “Team-based” because the customer has a team of CSMs available to them, not just one. These resources are CSMs and uphold the core tenets of customer success, albeit at different levels of engagement.

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I’ve been in orgs where that role tends to be an entry point for newer CS professionals, and so titles that I’ve seen include Customer Success Associate or Customer Success Specialist.

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We use CSM for the title for ours. We do position it with customers that they have a Team of Customer Success Professionals supporting them.


They are very much part of our Customer Success Team just like the Strategic/Senior CSM’s and their title is Customer Success Associates.

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This is a new program for us at Zscaler… We are internally referring to it as “Digital CSM”, it’s a pooled resource where our customers are assigned to a generic user called “Zscaler Customer Success” and any emails that go to that user are in a delegated inbox that our team of Digital CSM’s manage. Externally, we are just informing our customers in this segment that they have a “Team of Customer Success Managers”.