Ideas for customer exit interviews for churn analysis

  • 26 April 2018
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We're looking to do some churn analysis, and want to get our hands on some qualitative data. Unfortunately, when customers have churned we haven't had a formal exit interview process in place. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions for what could work here - if fair to reach out to churned customer after they've left a year or so ago, etc.

6 replies

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Hey Jackie - 

Personally, I think it is always fair to do a postmortem even if that postmortem is quite stale.  The bigger challenge will be getting pertinent info (via talent attrition, memory-fuzziness, product changes, etc.).

There are CS consultants out there that do exactly this kind of analysis.  Without getting into specific endorsements, I recommend searching for "diagnosing churn" or the like.

Good luck!

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Hi Jackie,

Gainsight uses a consultant for churn exit interviews, and we'd be happy to introduce you if you're interested. Just let me know!

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I would also like to hear if anyone has suggestions for this. We haven't done this yet and would like to see how people out there are leveraging Gainsight for this.
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As Lila mentioned, Gainsight has long used Eigenworks to conduct these interviews.  They have been very useful for the process and provide a detailed report back to us.  We find the details that can be gathered in an interview better than some other options.  We also, of course, leverage the data we have in Gainsight to review the quantitative factors (usage (depth and breadth), support tickets, engagement in events and community, etc) and timeline entries to get additional qualitiative information.
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Thanks for the input everyone! I will check out Eigenworks - I remember seeing them at Pulse actually. 

Hi all, just an update that Eigenworks is no longer in business, but its successor organization, IcebergIQ, is available to help with churn/retention interviews as well as win/loss interviews. Reach us at and look for us at Pulse 2020 too!