How to un-do a manual health score override by a CSM?

  • 7 January 2016
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We've just rolled out the Gainsight tool to our CSM team. We've instructed them to use CTAs to influence the health score card instead of manually adjusting the health score number themselves -- to prevent too much subjective override. If a CSM does happen to manually adjust the score, how long will this stick? And how do we change it back so that the score is calculated from rules and open risk/opp CTAs?  

6 replies

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If you are using rules to set your scores, the manual override will only last until you run the rule again for that scoring metric (e.g. one day or one week depending on your rule schedule).  There is not a process in Gainsight that will stop a rule from overwriting a manual score - which in your scenario sounds like it will work for you.
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Thanks for the quick response, Denise. That is good to know. Until we can get a good dial on what the weights should be for calibrating health scores, we're trying to avoid having CSMs enter any subjective opinion into the data. 
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Hi Denise,

Do you know if there is a way to prevent a CSM from being able to manually override a scorecard?  The only scorecard types/settings I can see are manual and smartsign.

Our rules run every night so it's not too big of a deal but the ability to modify all of them is confusing some of the reps.

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Hi Scott,

We are planning to add the functionality where you can define whether a measure can be manually overridden or not as part of the measure configuration. If you mark the measure has uneditable , then the CSMs cannot manually edit the scores and the scores can only be set via rules.

Abhishek S
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Good idea, Scott, and thanks, Abhishek.  We'd like to be able to block users from editing manual scores, too.
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Is there an ETA on this feature being rolled out. We have a number of Health scores that are set via rules but because they are "Manual" this leads to confusion with our CSMs as they adjust them only for the figures to be reset the next time the rule runs.