How to celebrate client renewals (examples of how to reinforce a CSM and encourage them)

  • 4 March 2022
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Up until today in my team, we have no way to reinforce the CSMs when a client renews. Winning takes effort and sweat so we need to find a way to:

  1. Motivate them, feel valued and recognized in the company

  2. Help them prioritize their goals as CSMs 

  3. Perceive client expansion and churn fighting as an opportunity to grow

The Question: how can we celebrate when we achieve success with our clients?

Does anyone have examples or best practises on how to do this in your company?

What are the most effective ways to reward CSMs so they keep motivated to renew and renew more account each year?


I was thinking about these 2 options:


A) Monthly email to the team sent by the CSM Lead with summary of the renewals using positive language

D) Mention by CSM team lead or Founder on a slide in the Company meeting - congratulating them


Any other hints on your end?

Your suggestions would be super valuable :)


Thanks so much

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@lane_h , @lila_meyer, @meenal_shukla for ideas from your experience.