How does everyone deal with data point changes/updates?

  • 11 May 2017
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Hi all,
I'm trying to proactively work with our internal tech staff to better handle changes to our data points that we are sending over to Gainsight via Segment.  One of our architects suggested I provide him with a document of all of our fields in our usage data table and subsequent rules that use them.  
Is there an easy way to do this within Gainsight? 

How do you handle these changes? Do you have a business analyst working as a liaison between your tech staff who are making these fields and your Gainsight admin?  Or is your Gainsight admin a member of your tech staff who is now drinking the Gainsight brew and knows both the data points going in and everything they are connected to in Gainsight?  

Lastly, do you all have a Gainsight Sandbox within SF that's also connected to your data connector? Just curious.  


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Jessica -
Sorry for the slow reply on this one.  Have you tried using the Configuration Snapshot available under Administration?  This would provide you with an output of your rules, outreaches, powerlists and your custom objects and fields in Gainsight (Managed package objects and MDA).  This will give you everything in the config and then you could highlight the key components and rules for Usage.