How do we end journeys for customers who are not renewing SaaS?

  • 10 February 2021
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Of course we all want to keep our customers renewing forever but we know this doesn’t always happen.  How do we end a journey for a customer who we know is not renewing?  We want to keep their info and data in Gainsight but do not want to get the automatic generated CTAs.


I’ve been searching around but haven’t found a clear answer to this, maybe I’m not asking the question the right way.  If you have any info, it would be appreciated!  Thank you!


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It would be entirely on the datapoint that indicates ‘not renewing’, so there may not be a straight answer. If it’s a flag on the account, or some other combination of data that’s an indicator that they aren’t renewing, you’d have to continually exclude that combination of data, or make a custom ‘not renewing’ field populated by that data. Then, exclude the ‘not renewing’ field from all programs.

If this specifically relates to JO programs only, you would have to then make that field a calculated field in the journey so it refreshes, and then has to be a filter between steps to drop an account when it meets that criteria.