Have you created processes around auto-renewal with multiple SKUs that may have different renewal ra

  • 28 March 2019
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Would love to know what people are thinking in terms of processes and Gainsight configuration associated with them.

A customer of mine has multiple SKUs and a subset of these get sunsetted every year. If they use automation, it is hard to define a programatic approach towards it because a CSM has to get on a phone and let the customer know that this option is being sunsetted.

2 replies

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Could you automate the notification (email) to the end user informing them that the product option is sunsetting. Then include a survey (yes or no) asking the end user if they would like to speak with CSM to review replacement product etc?

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Elliot, since there are multiple SKUs, some of which is sunsetting, there will be multiple programs and multiple paths to take.