General Performance of the Gainsight Solution/Instance

  • 25 February 2016
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From time to time, the response time of our Gainsight instance/solution is slow to respond.   I dont have anything specific.  But I was wondering if there are any best practices or guidance around the configuration of the Gainsight features and functions so that the general performance is at its best.

For instance, we know not to search with more than 2 filters.

3 replies

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Hi Tom - there are definitely some best practices in general, but it'd be good to know where you're hitting specific issues. When you say "search with more than 2 filters" - is this in Reports 2.0? Or somewhere else in the interface?  If you can throw out a couple of examples, we might be able to help with specifics.  There are definitely ways to optimize in different parts of Gainsight - adding too many sections to a C360, for instance, can increase time for rendering a customer page, etc.

Let us know!
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The search was more in the customer tab, since that is where the searches tend to happen.

As for the c360, is 8-10 sections about a good number ?   Maybe we can remove some of the ones that are not used much at all to see if that improves things.

In Cockpit, are their better ways (faster response) to view the CTAs ?  Calendar v. List, better filters to use in list view ?

thanks much
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When using filters on Customers, Cockpit, etc. I strongly suggest using the hard filters. What I mean by that is if you use the text box searches and/or if you filter by, group by, or select a user from the dropdown in cockpit that is not the same as clicking the filter button and putting type = (what ever type) or csm = (user). 

This is most applicable in cockpit because we will limit the amount of viewable CTA's to 1000 (100 closed). If you don't use the filters I suggested above you will be searching the results only seen on the page at that time. This may help out with overall performance of page load times as well.