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I'm looking to export reports from Gainsight so I can load them on a monitor in my office. We use Geckoboard to display dashboards from other parts of the organization, so this is the preferred endpoint for the Gainsight data. I explored creating a Zap from Amazon S3, but unfortunately they do not support that. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this goal?

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Hi Matias,

I'm not familiar with Gainsight. What (data) export options do you have? I could only find Excel and image exports that need to be manually generated. Do you know if they have an API? Also, I think Gainsight is built on but not sure if you can create Salesforce reports, but if you do, you might be able to use our Salesforce integration.
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Hi Matias,

If all the Gainsight data you want to report on is in Salesforce (not in MDA), you could build Salesforce reports (possible if the person building reports has the right Gainsight license) and use their existing integration.