Doing More With Less - EBRs! ( Digitally )

  • 16 March 2023
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As we gear up to the Digital route nowadays and foresee that as the future to be, how do we do Digital EBR ( Business Reviews )

Here's what I think about it & I would like to call it "Value Realisation - Business Review"

1. Identify - procure objectives from multiple clients via survey or an engagement, and select 3-4 clients who are atleast 80% match on the objectives.

2. Automate or orchestrate communication which will help us to set expectations for those selected clients on what we wanted to achieve.

3. One: Many - Have a generalized presentation on the best practices of the matched objectives and drive via roundtable or webinar or a Review.

4. Once the session is done, send a personalized presentation including the matched objectives best practices + unmatched objectives specific to the client + Adoption Trends, etc...

5. What is Next? - Take Action - Playbook, CTA's, Derive outcomes.

Thank you for taking the time in going through the above.

Feel free to share your thoughts & comments. 

8 replies

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Well said, Kiran. These are vital moments to look into to scale a EBR digitally. 


With a reasonable time investment on GS one can easily deploy such framework that can utilize GS - Surveys, JO, Rules & CTAs/Success Plans & Success Snapshots to help identify, organize, plan & execute these Value Realization Business Reviews digitally! 


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I would Love to learn more about how others are doing this at scale. so 1:many snapshots would be amazing 


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Cross-posting the recording and note-taking slides from a meetup we had on this topic :-) 


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For those doing this, is someone manually going into each customer and sending them the email with slides or reports? Thanks! 

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@yuniyal @kpanigrahi @Revant_Amingad any thoughts on the above query?

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@bmayden If you have defined segmentation to identify your long tail / Digital Led Customers - most of the parts of this DEBR can be automated. As we cannot trigger Success Snapshots en-masse that would be a manual part when a customer is ready for such event the CSM can export the Success Snapshot of DEBR from the 360.

  • The first email you plan to send to the client can contain the reports that show their score, adoption, goals etc that they have achieved so far or put some content across in a way that can allude to the significance of this event & lead them to a survey that can capture more info to know what they are looking forward to.
  • The survey responses can be operationalized & served to the CSM team accordingly & initiate a check-in process.

I hope this clarifies. Happy to elucidate & chat about it if this is on your radar. 


Do look for the upcmoing webinars from Gainsight there’s a LOT around #DigitalSuccess 🔥

@revathimenon @anirbandutta 

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Well said @Revant_Amingad !!

To add, the approach will save some time on the CSMs calendar for sure and be more efficient/productive. 

Ideally bringing in more than one client into a Generalized EBR, can also lead to exchange of views and how others work and relate accordingly. 

Yeah, while we save time and be of help. There is a minimum effort on the deck preparation for sure, which we foresee to be automated hopefully in the long run. 

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