Does Community support Customer Success or is it just for Support ticket deflection?

  • 22 October 2022
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Very interested to hear if/how B2B tech vendors are using Communities to support Customer Success, particularly at Digital Scale, vs. as a low cost means of deflecting Support tickets.

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Love this question, @DougCaviness 

At Gainsight, we absolutely see Community as more than ticket deflection. Specifically for its role in Customer Success, I described it this way just last week:

What insights do customers and prospects need in order to move forward in their personal maturity in their career, or in their organization's maturity [in the areas where our products can help]? Then, how do we create and invigorate environments in every flavor from very formal (like webinars) to very informal (like unstructured networking) that help them to trade those insights with each other?

Note that CS and ticket deflection (aka Support) are only two roles that a community can play. The SPACES Model is excellent at showing the full spectrum:

SPACES Model of Community Value