Different Scorecards for Different Account Types

  • 9 August 2018
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Hey All! I've seen this question posted previously, but it related to Scorecards 1.0 and was 3 years old, so I figured I'd repost with a focus on 2.0.

The majority of our CSM-customer relationships are measured and treated the same, regardless of organization size. This makes setting up a scorecard and related measures really easy ("one-size-fits-all"), and it's how we've done things since we first started with Gainsight.

We've recently decided that a certain segment of our customer base would be better suited by a more "tech touch" approach, and thus one of our measures (Relationship- how often the CSM has a formal interaction with the customer) should be more lenient for these account types.

I know I can achieve this by creating a new scorecard and measure that filters for these accounts only, and then exclude them from the original scorecard. However, this means having two nearly identical scorecards, and I'm afraid this might confuse the CS team. How have others handled this situation? The other 7 measures in the scorecard will still apply as-is. Thanks!

3 replies

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Hi Allison,

Is your Relationship measurement manual or automated? If it manual, you can simply clear that measurement for all tech-touch accounts so that it is NA and does not impact the overall health. If it is automated based on things logged in Gainsight, you can add a filter to only include accounts with an assigned CSM in that rule logic. That is how we have handled it. Ours is manual today and we also include logic to clear the manually entered health if it has not been updated in a certain period of time by the CSM to force them to review the account further. 
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Hey Samantha,

Thanks for the idea! This was how I envisioned it working, but having the "N/A" seemed a tad clunky at first (I'm sure everyone will get used to it). I'll give it a go- thanks!
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Gainsight does offer the multiple scorecard functionality, but I would stick with one type of Scorecard if it is only the one metric that is different. And control how the rule is setting the scores with filters in set action of bionic rules and use scorecard comments to explain the difference or note its a "ow touch vs high touch score.

One of the downsides with the multiple scorecard functionality is that it will make your Mass Edit scorecard view more difficult as each scorecard is a unique table in the MDA. For example you would need two reports within one dashboard to show all of your accounts vs one