Customer Success in non-subscription models

  • 5 October 2021
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We’re doing some research on how Customer Success (and Gainsight) is showing up in industries beyond traditional subscription SaaS.


Is anyone implementing CS and Gainsight for a business where your pricing model is consumption-based, usage-based, transaction-based, etc. (e.g., not a subscription contract)?


If so, I’d love to organize a call to learn more!

2 replies

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Sorry for the suuuper late response here, but I’m in CS Ops working for a Consumption-based business, and identifying strong signals for CTAs or risk as part of the CS automation is quite a bit more difficult in Gainsight, as opposed to something like the smaller players (Vitally for example).

This might be due to the missing RO component functionality in our NXT instance (this company, and my previous one, both did not have the RO function for NXT). 

If you all still need use cases/case studies, let me know!

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Thanks @cjacksonfe.

 @nick_mehta, @seth interesting response here.