Customer Spotlight: Allie Gold, Manager of Professional Services, ZeroFOX

  • 20 July 2016
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Our “Customer Spotlight” series features Gainsight super users on our online Community. For this week’s installment, we’re featuring Allie Gold from ZeroFOX.

[i]Tell us about ZeroFOX

Social media has become the new cyber battleground, presenting one of the largest and most dynamic risks to organizational security in decades. The ZeroFOX Platform continuously monitors social media platforms for security risks and business threats targeting employees, customers, brands, and organizations. Using intelligent data collection with an automated scriptable analysis engine, the ZeroFOX platform automatically identifies and remediates social media security issues including impersonator accounts, phishing attacks, fraud, customer scams, exposed PII, and much more. We're headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

[i]What tips do you have for our members on how to get the most out of the Gainsight Community?

I would say that if you ever have a question about a feature, search for it in the Community board so that you can see how others interact with that feature. I would also recommend looking at the top category posts and important links to start educating yourself on the product.

[i]Which Gainsight feature do you utilize most often?

We use all of the features constantly, but I would say I personally use CoPilot frequently because we are always getting new requests for outreaches to customers and/or internal communications. We also use MDA A LOT because we have our own product's data integrated into our CoPilot templates and our reports.

[i]What are some of the most important reports or data elements that your CS organization tracks?

The most important reports include tracking scorecard comments as well as email logs which we check regularly because our email templates include survey questions and clickable links that we like to track to see customer interaction with our communication efforts.

[i]Fun question: Would you rather live for a week in the past or the future?

The present! Just kidding... I would probably say the future. Without my calendar/planner, my memory deceives me at times (that’s why Cockpit is so great). So reliving the past would be fun, but I'd rather know now what I don't yet know!

About Allie

I manage Professional Services at ZeroFOX, which includes overseeing training and onboarding customers, customer support, infrastructure innovation, and partner success. My position falls within the Worldwide Services team at ZeroFOX which also includes the Customer Success and Strategic Services teams. Gainsight administration falls under the innovation category in which I'm responsible for implementing and maintaining Gainsight for the Customer Success team.

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