Customer Sales Performance as part of health scores

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Hello - Looking for some use cases or best practices around including our clients’ sales performance into the overall health score. The thought being that our clients’ sales performance impacts their ability to purchase/budgets and can thus impact churn. I’d love to hear from anyone doing this or if it’s common practice not to include, why. TIA!

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Sure, you can include that. It looks like a logical decision because it’s all interconnected.
I am not a professional, but that sounds sane because it influences the customer’s sales performance. The less the client sells, the less income they have and the fewer additional services they can purchase. It means it is in your sphere of interest to maintain your client active and healthy in this regard.
You can ask for more information from because they have more market experience than I do. They could answer your question fully because they mainly work with B2B lead generation.

You can include that; why not? It is an important measurement