CSMs tracking churn at C360 level

  • 17 October 2018
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I wonder if anyone has any ideas please how to achieve the following:

- we monitor churn down to the service/product level for each customer, classifying each service/product line as rumored, notified or realized. The current process is to take a spreadsheet with the latest revenue information by account, down to the service/account level and mark each line as at risk of churn or not. This spreadsheet is then loaded to Gainsight via our data lake and is displayed in each C/R360 as a report. We have number of rules set up using this churn information, for example the % of contract at risk of churn which also feeds to the overall account healthscore. 

The current challenge is that our revenue information changes daily and the churn document is loaded to Gainsight only once or twice per month - updating this spreadsheet is done offline and is time-consuming to keep this information up to date given the number of accounts.

The ideal scenario would  be to enable our CSMs to manage the churn status at the product/service level directly in C360s as and when things change. They can see the contractual information but cannot edit it as it is displayed as a report. Ideally, we would want them to have the ability to edit the status of each using a drop-down picklist. Admins would be able to report on this churn status e.g. see the % of overall account contract at risk of rumored churn, report on lost revenue by a specific product by country, team and so on

Whilst we have the tracking & insights today, I cannot think how to enable CSMs to change the status themselves. Is there maybe another functionality we may not be using that could help us achieve this?  

Thanks in advance


2 replies

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can you use an API or something to move the revenue figures directly into Gainsight?  Do you use Salesforce at all?

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we are already loading the revenue data to GS and this refreshes daily. The question is - how can we use the same data in a different place to edit it from the front end e.g. assigning a different churn status to each revenue line?