CSM visibility to Copilot Templates

  • 10 June 2016
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Our CSMs do not have access to Copilot and all components of outreaches (powerlists, templates, scheduling, etc.) are created by admins. Though we've provided reporting in the C360 view, our CSMs would like to be able to see the specific templates sent. Is this possible without giving them admin access? 

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6 replies

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Hey Marissa

Specific CoPilot permissions can be easily given to you and your team by Admin. Here is what the admin needs to do:
1. Go to Administration> Cockpit Configuration 
2. Scroll all the way down to CoPilot Permissions
3. Click on +Add Copilot Permissions
4. Give relevant permission to you and your team.(Screenshot attached)

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This topic is also addressed in this Gainsight Go article on CoPilot permissions:
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Thank you for your responses. Since we do not intend for the broader team of CSMs to get access to CoPilot, I've been using the preview functionality in Outreach for now. 
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It would be great if the template name in a 360 report was a clickable link that would open a read-only view of the template.
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Thanks for posting, Elizabeth!   Another company I'm working with brought this up earlier today.

I agree it would be a big time saver if you could click on the name of an email template on a report section on your C360 and access a 'read only/view only' copy of the template.  Right now, if you have the email cc'ed back to SF then you have to move off the C360 and back to SF to get it which is the same as having to leave the C360 to go to Copilot to preview it.  

@elaine_cleary @nitisha_rathi  I’m not sure if @elizabeth_adams_c593ee ‘s request has yet been addressed, but as we pick up more Journey orchestrator applications at our company, we are also seeing this need!