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  • 17 December 2018
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I'm looking to understand what other CSM Leaders are doing in regards to portfolio reviews with their CSMs. I would like to review the accounts and set goals with my team for the year. I"m thinking of including the following items, but want to see if anyone else has done this and has some suggestions?

- Engaged vs Not Engaged - why not, what are we doing to change that?

- Time spent in accounts - are we spending the right amount in the accounts, are the activities productive or redundant?

- Create goals around MBOs

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

5 replies

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Hi Laura,

what criteria are you using to define engaged vs not engaged? Also, how are you measuring how much time is spent in accounts?

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Ah good question. So, our sales folks are responsible for making introductions to the customers for us. It's a bit of a grey area - so, realistically a CSM could have a handful of accounts that are on "hold" or "not engaged" because Sales hasn't proceeded yet.

As far as time spent... I think they should be able to allocate an estimate of hours per month.

Are there other metrics you use?

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I found the metrics that Roelf used in this webinar to be quite fascinating. My apologies if you have already seen it. But this is what i think would be great for not only making Customer Success fun and engaging, but also for measuring behaviors. Let me know what you think.

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Awesome, I will definitely watch it. Thank you!

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@denver_kirkpatrick I can’t get to that link any longer. can you help??