Connecting calendly booked calls to CTAs based on JO trigger

  • 6 October 2022
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Hello everyone, 


I’m a newbie in Gainsight (Cx & Px), but as we learn more and try to fully implement we have crossed an issue that we can’t seem to solve with the available documentation.


We are big on tracking productivity and of course engagement, so in our different JO programs we have both emails and in-product engagements that have the CSM calendly link. Now we are struggling to be able to connect the calls booked by our customers with the different messages as they might be in 2 JO programs at the same time. 


Our only idea so far is to have a calendly link (8 by CSM), based on each program but then when we see this from the Px perspective we will face a limitation in the number of attributes we could link as we would have to create 8 attributes per CSM. I’d love to pick on the collective brain and see if someone has managed to solve the tracking the call that has been booked to the proper journey/CTA/Activity for reporting purposes.


Thanks a lot and I’m super happy to see this community exists


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@davebrown2242 @cnichols @ralucagorbanescu @heather_hansen I know you’ve each talked about using Calendly before! The PX angle here might be unfamiliar to you, but it seems the core of the question is: When the same Calendly link can be sent out in multiple different ways, how do you know which place the customer is clicking it from?

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So, in our case, we decided to do away with the Calendly link, and instead just created a simple survey that’s a button in the email that says Schedule a Meeting.  When the customer clicks that, we then fire a CTA based on the specific program it’s in, so we can then track back which program that particular button was clicked from.  For the Calendly, we were only using it in a few programs, so we were able to just create separate ones, but I can see how that would get cumbersome with a lot of use.