Circles of Success - Pulse 2017 - Customer Success for On-Prem Companies

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During Pulse 2017 the Gainsight Client Outcomes Team organized a Circles of Success & Birds of a Feather Program, featuring group discussions for Gainsight customers focused on key topics and challenges. We had such engagement from our customers we wanted to keep the conversation going on Community.

One of the topics we discussed was Customer Success for On-Prem Companies. Here are a few of the questions that we discussed:

  1. How are other companies paying for on prem customer success?
  2. What are the best practices in working with on prem or hybrid customers?
  3. What’s the best way to capturing customer's perception of value and customer expectation of a solution?
Please share your best practices on this thread to keep the conversation going (include the specific question in your post). Please also follow this thread if you're interested in additional Circles of Success activities related to Customer Success for On-Prem Companies

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? Simply put, our Saas <> OnPrem hybrid puts us on the front foot with SaaS customers and completely in the dark with OnPrem beyond anecdotal / quantitative. The added complication is Financial/Fed companies being unwilling to post any data in, say, an S3 instance.

Is the approach here to sell "what is in it for them"? Very interested in opinion / approach here.
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We're facing the same challenge.  We're starting to tweak our CS Welcome presentation for customers to emphasize the customer's role in their success.  Part of it is providing us feedback in terms of how many users we have and/or how many apps were are connecting (on a regular basis).  That gives us a high-level indication of adoption and stickiness without being too intrusive for the customer.  We'll see how it goes!
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Hi Everyone, Is anyone interested in a peer networking opportunity for on-prem solutions to discuss how you are leveraging Gainsight? Thanks!
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I'm in.  We've done a lot of work to configure our health score to be useful without usage data, and we're building some structure in SFDC to capture some of that undocumented "usage" type information.