Can we stop receiving responses for a survey after the time-period mentioned in the conditional wait of a program is completed.

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Hello Team,

We could see that the survey link sent from the program is accessible and end-participant is able to fill the survey even after the participant has completed the journey(after completing the time mentioned in conditional wait).

Here we are receiving the responses and storing as the data would be useful for future purposes but customer do not want to receive the responses for those participants who completed the journey after the time mentioned in conditional wait.

Can we do this?

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What is the timing you have for the setting ‘The recipient's response to survey will not be considered’? Responses beyond that should not flow through the program/participate in any additional actions. 

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Hello @Srikanth @kelly 

We don’t move participants into positive flow if the time period set to receive the survey is expired.But what we do today is after expiry if any participants responds to survey we dos tore that response in survey data model.

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Hello @chethana ,
If we are still accepting the Survey Responses after the Expiry Date, does this mean, that, it counts in the total score of the Survey?

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Hello @iteku 

Yes, even program condition says we do not accept survey responses after certain date, if user responds to survey after the specified date we will still count it from survey side.

@richa_bala can you confirm?

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Hello @richa_bala 
Could you please confirm? 

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Hello @richa_bala 

Could you please confirm on this?

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Hello @richa_bala 

Could you please confirm on this?

@Saichand Moturi this is in progress. 

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  1. Survey response get captured regardless of JO participants state, but same can be avoided by setting link expiry in survey.
  2. After conditional wait if we don’t wants to capture response then I would suggest to make both conditional wait in JO and survey link expiry as same number of days (n), so that after sending the survey link if participant does not respond within n days then after n days participant will move to next step in JO and also survey link will get expired and participant will not be able to give response.

    To learn more about survey link expiry check Link Expiration: section of