Variable NPS based on Customer Contract Date - Troubleshooting

We have been in the process of implementing GS and are hitting some pretty frustrating roadblocks when it comes to setting up the logic to support our NPS methodology. We would like to send NPS surveys to customers based on where they're at in their contract v. a blanket send to everyone every quarter or 6 months, etc. This doesn't seem to be an unheard of idea and in fact has been promoted as a best practice by Gainsight and many other CS professionals, however we cannot get this to work with advanced outreach!

We would like to send on the following schedule:

New customers get NPS in month 8 of their contract and then every 6 months following. Existing customers will get them sent every 6 months based on contract start date.

Has anyone else either run into this problem or been able to solution something that supports a variable send schedule?

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We send NPS to customers based on their renewal date being 4 months away.  We view this feedback as being especially relevant, since this is the real "rubber meets the road" time in our long-term relationship with them.

It sounds like you're trying to send more frequently to each customer than we are, so not sure if this would fit into your model.  Can't hurt to mention it though?  🙂
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Yeah we have done something like this for one product line. You have to have the send be based off of x days after contract date OR x days since last NPS survey send. That is how we did it and works great!

Happy to talk in more detail if that sounds interesting!
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We've got an Advanced Outreach that goes to a third of customers every month, so every customer gets it every 3 months. It's based on Customer Start Month, so a customer who signs in February would get it in Feb, May, Aug, and Nov. We exclude customers who are still set in Implementation.

Kelly, it sounds like you want customers to get the survey on months 8, 14, 20, 26, and so on?

To cut down to a basic level, I set this up with:
  1. A checkbox formula field in Salesforce that indicates, "Is this a customer who should be receiving the survey this month?" (In our case, a Salesforce formula was the easiest way to express our logic.)
  2. An advanced outreach whose participants are simply filtering on that field. Our query:
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We use the "Life cycle weeks per year" field on the Customer Info object. It keeps track of how many weeks an account has been a customer. The value is increased by one every seven days from the Billing Start Date up to 52 then resets to 1 on the customer's anniversary

You can add this field as a criteria in your power list and specify how often you want to send the NPS (e.g. 8 m32 weeks, 2 m8 weeks, etc.) With this example you will want to set up another criteria to only pick up clients on the 2 week mark who have been using your service for over a year.
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Hi Kelly, 

Sorry that you're feeling frustrated. The use cases you are trying to solve for are easily done using Advanced Outreaches and adding participants via Bionic Query:

You can get very specific in your filtering criteria and with a Bionic Query, you can do far more than you could do with a Powerlist. 
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Kelly, I wrote a solution to this issue with Advanced Outreach. My formula got a little hairy, and the logic in the filters required an extremely painstaking placement of parantheses, but I did make it work. I've got a strong hunch you know where to find me. 🙂