Tracking Adoption Services Points System

  • 23 March 2021
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We are in the process of revitalizing our adoption program for our customers- In this program we are piloting a point system that is tied to a menu of services that each customer will use to identify services they want to utilize for the year. We will be using success plans to track the progress and completion of the chosen menu services but need to figure out how to track the points system. We need to figure out the potential path for tracking the allotted annual points for each customer ( at the relationship level- each product area will have their own allotment) , the points that have been used ( via success plans) and a calculation of what has been used/total. We have a few ideas as to how we could accomplish this but was curious if anyone in the community has done this or something similar before?  Thank you in advance for the feedback/advice!

1 reply

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@kate_griffin thank you for sharing your query here. I am bumping this to the top for more visibility. 

I will also check internally.