The ideal workflow for a CSM using Gainsight

  • 22 February 2018
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Our CSMs are using Gainsight primarily as a place to log activities.  They're not living in it and we can't figure out why.  They still seem to be keeping spreadsheets, post-its etc.  So, I'd like to understand what the ideal CSM workflow looks like in Gainsight - that way, I can try to retrain and/or get a better sense of why they're not using it in that ideal way.  Help?

5 replies

Adoption was something we struggled with as well in the beginning.  The TL;DR version.
#1  Inspect what you expect
#2 People buy into the things they helped create

longer-ish version
The biggest flip for us was two principal efforts #1 was using gainsight and the CTA list as the rally point for 1 on 1 and reviewing activities in the tool live was a big help in.  The team knows we're going to be looking together at the tool for what activities occured and nobody wants to be seen as doing nothing   #2 was enrolling more of the team in the design and implementation and workflow.  Getting them "bought in" was far easier when more of the team felt invested in what we were co-creating.  We assembled a small group of power users who got a real say in how we use the tool day to day and what data is featured for them.   We're far from perfect but leaps and bounds better than we were 6-10 months ago on the adoption curve for the team.  

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@Ray,That's great to hear from you and thanks for the reply!
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@Diane, Definitely right place for the question. 

Thanks - super helpful.  Also hoping for a bit more tactical advice:  a CSM comes in in the morning and goes to...?  Once there, they...?
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Hi Diane,

What are some of the activities and data that your CSMs are using Excel sheets to track? Companies that have had success with Gainsight adoption will typically build out reports and dashboards to present data that the team was using Excel sheets for previously. Same can be said if they are tracking their to-do list via Excel - calls to action in Cockpit can provide a better interface for that use case.

Same with note taking - chances are that they are using some program or app like Evernote, OneNote, MS Word, etc to take notes after customer interactions. Setting up Timeline to track customer interactions provides a centralized location that makes account transitions easy and collaboration seamless. 

Your Gainsight CSM can also provide some insights based on your usage patterns and maybe even conduct a chairside interview or two to understand the tools and challenges that your CSMs have today and where Gainsight can help make things easier.