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  • 5 July 2021
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Gainsight has now redesigned the Success Plan, powered by Gainsight Horizon Design System. The Horizon Design System simplifies the product and improves customer experience in every way possible such as improving existing functionalities and adding new enhancements.


  • The toggle option to enable Success Plan Horizon Experience  is available in the Administrator > Success Plan page. After enabling Success Plan Horizon Experience, admins cannot roll back their tenants to the Old Success Plan.
  • If existing customers choose NOT to upgrade existing Success Plan to Horizon Experience, they will have 60 days time from July 03, 2021 to continue the experience with existing Success Plan and familiarize with the upgrade through various related articles listed here. After 60 days, all existing customers are automatically upgraded to Success Plan Horizon Experience. For more information on the redesigned Success Plan, refer to the Success Plans Horizon Experience section in this release notes.

The following functionalities are added to the new Success Plan, which make CSMs more efficient:

  • Dedicated page for Success Plans in the left navigation pane to view Success Plans across all customers and relationships in one place.
  • Manage the list of Success Plans in the dedicated Success Plans Page and C360 > Success Plan section:
    • Filter the list of Success Plans by its Due date, owner, type, and status. You can save the filters as a custom view.
    • Create custom views to quickly see a specific set of Success Plans with predefined filters based on the Due Date, Owner, Type, and Status.
    • Group the list of Success Plans by Plan Name, Plan Type, Plan Status, Due Date, etc.
  • In the Gantt Chart, users can:
    • Manually add dependencies between the end date of an objective/task and the start date of another objective/task.
    • Drag and drop objectives/tasks bars to change start dates and due dates.
  • Configure custom statuses for a Success Plan from the admin page.
  • In the Success Plans templates, configure dependencies between the end date of an Objective and the start date of another objective.
  • Horizon experience in list view and detailed view of Success Plans in C360 and in the new dedicated pages.
  • In Rules Engine, apply multiple templates when creating a Success Plan using the Load to Success Plans action type.


5 replies

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@sakumar thank you for sharing this here!!!

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@sakumar Success Plan is misspelled in the New Success Plan form.

Also, why doesn’t the Company name show up first in the search?

Here is my search config:


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@darkknight thanks for the valuable feedback, I have informed the PM about it.

FYI @Anil Raj Pujari@hitesh_sharma@neelam_mukherjee 

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Can you please confirm that users are able to add multiple templates at once with Horizon? 

The tickboxes seem to imply that here, but it’s not explicit in the wording (e.g. Apply Template instead of Template(s))


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Multiple templates can be applied at once in Success Plan Horizon Experience. The flow of applying template is being improved. Users will be able to drill down and view the tasks with in the objectives. This will be released soon