Org Structure for Digital-Led/Tech-Touch

  • 26 April 2022
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What’s the org structure for your teammates who work on digital-led customer success?

Here’s how it’s broken down at Gainsight:

  • 1 Director of Digital-Led Programs
  • 1 teammate who develops always-on programs for key customer moments
  • 1 teammate who develops customer communications (emails, virtual events, etc.)
  • 2 teammates who develop in-app messaging
  • 2 CSMs who used a pooled model to assist customers who don’t have a named CSM
  • 1 teammate who manages our customer advocates and orchestrates ‘match’ requests from Sales and CS
  • 1 teammate who provides logistical support for all of the above
  • You could also consider community to be part of the digital/scaled support we offer to customers, and various pieces of community are owned by different teams

What does your digital-led team structure look like??
(Credit to Emily McGrath, Director of CX @ Drift for bringing up this topic!)

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