How do people use the comment section?

  • 16 October 2015
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My company is just in implementation with Gainsight, and I am just getting acquainted with the tool and am wondering how best to use the 'comments' section on C360.  If anyone could comment on how their CSMs or other users are utilizing this field, I would appreciate it.  Thanks!

6 replies

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Hi Anne,  Great question!  I was just talking with another Gainsight customer this morning about the Comments area of the C360 screen.  Here are a few ways I've seen it used:
- Denoting any type of "exceptions" in your relationship with them so it's front & center for everyone to see
- Copying & pasting the "boilerplate" from the customers' press release so you know what business they are in (which is really helpful when you're managing a large volume of customers across alot of different industries)
- Tracking a quick update based on your 'last touch' with the customer...I would be careful with this approach because you may have noticed that the Comments space is limited to 4096 characters so you will likely run out of room over time.   Many companies choose to Chatter 'last touch' type updates instead so there's a specific date/time associated with the update.

I'm sure others may have ideas as well...  Thanks for posting to the community!
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HI Anne -
I would add to Elaine's suggestions using Comments for a quick note on significant news on the account that the CSM may have gleaned from media notifications. Examples would be awards, new products or major enhancements. I recently learned a key contact had won a prestigious award and noted it there so I would remember to congratulate her.

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For our High Touch customers, we post a link to a more detailed Customer Profile we store externally.  I've submitted to the community to enable hyperlinks in the comments field. 
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Thanks Elaine!  I appreciate the quick response and the helpful information.  One idea that we have for our team is to use the section to list the versions of the software they are running.  Our customers may have a number of our products (ERP, SaaS, etc), so getting the version information is not easy.  This way, when an Exec or Account Manager wants to see quickly what versions of our software the customer is running (along with the overall health of the cusotmer) this might be a good place to put that informaiton until we find a better solution.  Again, thank you for the response!
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Thanks Tracy - this is a GREAT idea!
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Thanks Jeff - I actually just had one of our CSMs ask about the possibility of linking a One Note page here.  It would be saved on an internal shared drive, so I would think that it could be hyperlinked.  Thank you for submitting that suggestion - I think I actually 'Me Too'd' it the other day!  Thanks for the response - this is a great idea!