Gathering feedback to a meeting question in a structured way

  • 4 June 2021
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We were just discussing that we would like our CSM's to ask one specific question in all their upcoming customer meetings (to gather broad feedback about a topic, so it's an open question) and would like to file the responses in Gainsight, so we can access them in a structured way. (Over time, we might add additional questions)

What would you consider to be the best way to do that, both from a CSM point of view (it needs to be easy to file the answer) and from a data access point of view (it needs to be easy to get all the answers in one place for further processing)?

Some options I could come up with:

  • Create a custom Timeline Activity Type
  • Create some rich text fields on the Relationship to gather the response, and add a page to the R360 with these (editable) attributes [but then they would only be able to enter 1 response per customer, and they might speak to multiple people]
  • Create a low volume object and add a related list to the R360 where CSM's can add the responses

2 replies

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@Jef Vanlaer So, if the question is within a normal client meeting, do you use activity types already for the specific meeting types?  If so, I might suggest just adding a dropdown field to the current activity types versus creating a new one so that they can easily capture the info while tracking the interaction normally.  (That might also serve as a reminder to ask the question as well.). Depending on the nature of the question, you could also add a field to the Company Person/Person object to capture the info too.

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@heather_hansen Thanks for the reply. It's a good suggestion indeed to add it to the normal meeting activity (I have to check if I can do that without affecting the other Relationship types though).