Failed customers shows as completed

  • 8 September 2021
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I have created a journey program which has 70 customers , when published the journey- it shows 49 as failed participant with- Participant with unique criteria already exists error.

When i look into the total participant list, it has those failed customers on the list with status as completed.


I am confused whether the journey has been triggered or not  since few customers shows in failed list as well as in total list with status completed

3 replies

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Hi @kriti27, thank you for your post. Looping in the Product Manager to get back to you on this. 

@Cornelia - can anyone help on this

Hi @kriti27 ,

Here is what happened with the program:

  • Out of the 135 customers uploaded, 70 were unique (where the uniqueness criteria was set to emailID)
  • The rest of the 65 were duplicates of the first 70 unique emailIDs found. Some of these duplicates were repeated more than twice. You can check these multiple duplicates by clicking on show more details in the failure logs.
  • For example if the same email id is repeated 3 times in the customers list, the 1st one is treated as unique and the program runs successfully, however the 2nd encounter of the same emailID will be treated as failure (as this record is not unique anymore). The 3rd encounter of the same emailID is also treated as a failure with the same reason, however the ‘failure report’ groups multiple duplicate record failures under one failed record count, as such you are seeing fewer than 65 failures.
  • The difference i.e. 65-49 = 16 customers have the same emailIDs repeated atleast twice.

The program was run successfully for the 70 customers in this case.


Hope that clarifies. Please let us know if you have further questions.